5 номер 2024 года журнала
A. V. Kirilchenko:
Uniform application of law as a guarantor of Eurasian integration
Interview with Kirilchenko Alexander Viktorovich, advisor, lawyer, head of the practice of customs law and international trade of the law firm BGP Litigation.

Mishalchenko M. Yu.
International legal aspects of energy cooperation of the EAEU member states
Ngatheyo A. C. P., Pasenov A. N.
The advisory role of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights within the African Union
Paramuzova O. G.
Theoretical and legal discourse on the nature of international atomic law in the light of modern realities
Shkiperov A. A., Artemov G. A.
Current problems of protecting the national interests of the Russian Federation within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union. On the example of extraction (catch) of the aquatic biological resources
Alieva M. N., Bekishev M. Sh.
Drug distribution and trafficking as a social and legal problem
Batalov A. A.
Issue of subject-matter of international air law: from air law to the law of the atmosphere?
Gribkov T. D., Matveevskaya A. S.
Institutions of humanitarian cooperation of Turkey in Central Asia
Zakharova A. D.
International legal approaches to the definition of international information security and threats in this area
Lukyantseva I. G.
Features of the acceptance and use of electronic evidence in international criminal courts
Magomedova S. G.
Historical aspects of the emergence human rights approach to the problem of the environment and the emergence of the concept of environmental rights
Strelchenya I.D.
Achievements in sustainable development policy on the example of some members of the EAEU (Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus)
Scobileva I. V., Makhonin D. D.
Subjects of federation as parties to international legal relations
Chutkova Yu. D.
Actual questions of realization of the nuclear nonproliferation regime

Teneta A. B.
The contribution of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to the development of international humanitarian law for the protection of prisoners of war and detainees
Lebedinskaya I. M.
New challenges to international humanitarian law regarding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in armed conflicts

Klimov A. P.
The principle of transparency in norms of international trade law

Chernobaev S. V.
The role and current challenges of the application of individual anti-competitive bans in the EU
Chumychkin A. A.
Reform of the control mechanism in the areas of extraction and conservation of marine biological resources in the European Union: legal aspect

Bogatyreva O. V., Dzyuban V. V., Zakopyrin V. N.
The main aspects of the functioning of Chinese private military companies

Savchenko D. A.
Comparative analysis of approaches to identifying burial grounds in the legislation of EAEU member states

Gabdullina A. R.
Property as a phenomenon in the value system of Russian legal thought
Guseva G. V., Samoylova Zh. V.
Offense: theoretical and historical aspect
Dubrovin M. A.
Russia and China in the context of a multipolar world: an integration approach
Ermolaev O. I.
On the issue of the activities and role of individual state structures created to prevent interference in the internal affairs (internal policy) of the state
Musaeva A. G., Agasieva M. N.
The political regime: as an element of the form of the state
Paronyan K. M.
Theoretical and legal foundations of the institution of censorship in the digital and analog space
Samoylova Zh. V.
Legal awareness and active suffrage
Ulaeva N. L.
The importance of the axiomatic method for legal science
Chuksina V. V.
Theoretical and legal understanding of the concept of «institution for the promotion and protection of human rights»
Chabanenko L. V.
The genesis of the introduction of digital technologies into jurisdictional processes in the Russian Federation
Furman F. P.
Terrorism as a political and legal phenomenon. Traits, typology
Padin A. E.
Progressive and protective development of the principle of adversary in Russian law based on the national legal tradition
Kulieva A. M.
Challenges and risks in the process of law digitalization
Mizieva S. I.
The content of legal coordination: the problem of establishing

Gabdrakhmanov F. V.
Planning in the early years of the Soviet Prosecutor’s Office (1922-1925)
Mirkhaydarova M. Yu.
The history of the formation of the presentation for identification as an investigative action
Serkerov S. E., Payzulaev A. Z.
The genesis of the Institute of labor protection in Russian legislation in the 90s of the twentieth century. Theoretical and legal studies
Furman T. G.
The formation of modern political and legal culture in Russia
Furman F. P.
Political, legal and ideological differences between early Marxists and populists
Manaeva E. K.
The historical policy of Russia in the era of enlightened absolutism (the second half of the XVIII – early XIX century)
Tupikina E. A.
Development of legislation on conciliation procedures, taking into account the experience of foreign countries

Akhmedov S. M., Saybulaeva S. A.
Legal properties of the Constitution of the Russian Federation
Ibaev R. K., Khanmurzaev R. B.
The place of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation in the judicial power of the Russian Federation
Zhivodrova S. A., Zhivodrova N. A.
Features of combating corruption in public service in foreign countries, using the example of the United Arab Emirates
Kazimagomedov K. Sh., Ramazanova E. T.
Territorial public self-government as a form of direct democracy
Klimova O. V., Ilyinykh A. V.
Constitutional reform 2020: analysis of individual amendments to the constitution of the Russian Federation
PidurovT. L., Ramazanova E. T.
Privacy as a reproductive right
Alekhin T. O.
Cultural human rights in the constitutions of Russia and India: a comparative review

Baranova S. A.
On the issue of administrative and legal guarantees for individuals involved in maintaining public order
Kadykov A. V.
On the issue of the administrative and legal regime for regulating the production of pesticides and agrochemicals intended for export
Markina A. Yu., Livshits S. A., Litvickiy K. P.
Legal regulation of ensuring technological sovereignty of the Russia pharmaceutical industry
Seidov G. Z.
The concept of information security of minors
Gera Yu. M.
The concept and essence of discretion in the proceedings on administrative offenses
Kan K. A.
To the issue of determining the essence of federal territory
Kurashova M. M., Chachkhiani M. N.
Problems of implementing the concept of «good governance» in the Russian Federation: reality and prospects

Gaybatova K. D., Mustafaev D. Sh.
Inheritance agreement in the Russian legal system
Deltsova N. V.
Some aspects of the legal regulation of the pledge of exclusive rights
Zubkova M. N., Buraykin A. V.
Termination of the exclusive right to a trademark
Idrisova M. E., Huseynova L. V.
Company name as a means of individualization of a legal entity
Kirillova E. A., Lukin D. S.
Legal status and main features of smart contracts
Kress V. V.
The evolution of the understanding of intangible benefits in the science of civil law
Kurmanbaev M. M.
The concept of housing and communal services: economic and legal approaches
Linnikov A. S.
Regulatory prerequisites for civil law control in the construction contract
Mazanaev M. S., Taygibova Z. Z.
Peculiarities of taxation of individual entrepreneurs and the self-employed
Maslennikova L. V., Nebieridze D. N.
New legislation in out-of-court bankruptcy
Medentseva E. V., Tyunin I. I.
Issues of legalization of unauthorized buildings
Medzhidova E. V.
Some problems of legal regulation of negotiations on conclusion of an agreement in business activity
Nazarova N. A., Kalyuzhny E. A.
Legal basis of medical care for elderly citizens in the Russian Federation
Nukhkadiev M. R., Gaybatova K. D.
Alienation of real estate in connection with the seizure of a land plot for state or municipal needs
Petrov N. V., Mashkova A. D.
Problems of determining the place of the digital ruble in the system of objects of civil rights
Smolina O. S.
Transactions via digital platform with natural resources in the light of improvements of civil and natural resources legislation of the Russian Federation
Startseva S. V.
Individual issues recognition of a citizen as legally incompetent
Khazeeva L. I.
Features of the legal regulation of the work of the head of the organization
Yastremskiy I. A.
Civil law features of performing plastic surgery for minors
Karyukin M. I.
A significant change in circumstances as the basis for changing or terminating the contract
Svetlichny A. V.
Evolution of development of legislation on the transportation of passengers and baggage in direct mixed communications involving railway transport
Startseva S. V.
Liability for breach of obligations in business activities
Savchenko D. A.
Comparative analysis of approaches to identifying burial grounds in the legislation of EAEU member states
Yastremskiy I. A.
The legal significance of forensic medical examination of disputes between a patient and a plastic surgery clinic in courts of general jurisdiction
Alibekov D. I.
State registration of land in the Russian Federation
Babaev E. A.
Cross-border franchising agreement in the context of new economic trends of the 21st century
Bashkirov I. A.
Additional sources of personal data regulation: comparison of USA’s and Russian experience
Derevyanko O. V.
Divorce in court: key features of divorce proceedings
Kolomiets V. A.
Historical development of the institution of judicial representation
Solod K. A.
Current issues and directions for improving the legislation of the Russian Federation regarding the activities of aggregators of goods and services and the legal status of their owners
Chukhadgan G. A.
International legal aspects of inheritance of extortionate property

Avdeeva U. A., Elmurzaev A. V.
Costs associated with the consideration of the case in civil proceedings
Morozova T. B.
Subsidiary liability of persons controlling the debtor, problems of legal certainty
Mukoseev I. V.
Determination of the limits of judicial discretion in the analogy of law in civil proceedings
Provatkina V. E., Bavin D. E., Korkin M. S.
Problems of mediation procedure in civil proceedings
Savenkov A. A., Morozova S. Yu.
The impact of Lord Woolf’s reforms on case preparation for trial
Sarkisyan V. G.
On the issue of the formation of the institution of third parties and in the civil process

Perminova M. O.
Problems and prospects of legal regulation of neural networks

Mitashova A.A., Vilgauk V.Yu.
The problem of distribution of the burden of proof between spouses in insolvency (bankruptcy) cases: issues of theory and practice

Alibekov D. I.
The procedure for creating artificial land plots

Dubrovina A. N., Fantrov P. P.
Peculiarities of concluding a marriage contract remotely by means of information and communication technologies
Lyapin N. M.
The grounds for reducing the age of marriage in Russia: features of legal regulation
Eldarova D. A.
Legal consequences of sex change for married persons

Linets A. A.
Legal aspects of the application of artificial intelligence technologies in the field of labor (part 2: issues of perception of justice)
Vasilenko Yu. E.
The formal nature of labor relations in the context of judicial practice

Brykin K. I.
Regional currency as an object of financial legal relations
Vinnik A. V.
On assessing the use of tax preferences by scientific organizations in the context of protecting their rights as taxpayers (based on an analysis of judicial and arbitration practice)
Kalin V. I.
Ways to ensure proper fulfillment of obligations arising from a bank loan agreement
Zaripov R. R., Ermakov S. V.
Features of the application of tax legislation in relation to bodies and institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the payment of regional taxes

Perelekhova T. S., Ermolina M. A.
Features of cadastral registration and registration of rights to a land plot, taking into account information about the presence of minerals on its borders
Safaryan Ya. G.
The city as an object of legal providing of environmental safety

Amirkhanyan V. G., Fedortsov A. V., Marchenko I. N.
Optimization of countering extremist activity: the role of an integrated approach
Balabkin D. A., Abrosimov I. S., Gogoleva V. V.
The place of legal culture in the system of anti-corruption measures in the Russian Federation
Vrazhnov A. S., Volkova O. V., Sabiev S. S.
On the issue of military lawyers providing legal assistance in criminal and other cases in the territory of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine
Kutsev V. V.
Causes and conditions for committing crimes in the field of drug trafficking
Makhmudova M. A., Marianov A. A.
Problematic issues of an unfinished crime
Milova I. E., Grigoryan A. Kh.
Actual aspects of criminal liability for embezzlement of funds from bank cards committed using information and communication technologies
Mikhaylova I. A., Ibodov R. N.
Topical Issues of Countering Transnational Crime in the Russian Federation
Murtazin A. I., Bulatov D. V., Platonov L. A.
Features of investigation and disclosure of crimes related to illicit drug trafficking
Muginova Z. R.
Conditions for the legality of causing harm when detaining a person who committed a crime
Nesterenko A. V.
On the issue of the ideology of terrorism and ways to counter it
Osadchaya N. G.
Exemption from criminal liability and punishment of contracts and contractors during mobilization or wartime: issues of legal regulation
Radchenko O. V., Smolyaninova D. V.
Suffering as a result of extreme cruelty during the commission of crimes: historical and legal analysis
Stupina S. A.
Some questions of qualification of ongoing crimes against sexual integrity
Cherepnenko E. A.
General characteristics of latent crime and the main methods of its assessment
Vasiljeva D. V.
Problems of determining objective signs of illegal actions in bankruptcy
Konnov R. A.
The essence and principles of criminal law policy in the field of protection of the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation
Korchagin A. G., Mozhenko N. S.
Restriction of competition: elements and signs
Kostenko A. I.
Coercive measures related to the restriction of liberty under foreign legislation and legal means to ensure their enforcement: comparative legal analysis and prospects for reception by the Russian legislator
Lukyanov S. A.
Misappropriation or embezzlement using a person’s official position: qualification mistakes
Fyodorov E. A.
Crimes against justice: problems of the system
Chigrina O. R.
On the issue of determining the true indicators of improper provision of medical care to a patient as a condition for the criminalization of the crime of the same name

Akhtyamova K. M., Podkovka S. V.
Institute for ensuring the security of participants in criminal proceedings: questions of theory and practice
Litvinov R. V., Butova K. P.
Current problems of forensic examination
Maslennikova E. A.
On the issue of legislative improvement of the principles of criminal justice
Melikova I. M., Sefikurbanov K. S.
Judicial investigation in criminal cases as a reflection of the main problems of domestic justice
Murtazaliev M. K., Datsieva Kh. G.
The court as a participant in criminal proceedings in the Russian Federation
Murtuzova Kh. M., Begova D. Ya.
Features of pre-trial proceedings in criminal cases against minors
Roshka M. Ya.
The role of determinants in the criminological prevention of juvenile delinquency
Safronov D. M.
Urgent cases during investigative actions in the home in everyday activities and special conditions
Sokolov Yu. N.
On the possibility of evidence arising outside the criminal process
Sukhinin A. V., Tsebekova G. V., Ustarov M. R., Mucheryaeva G. A., Nalykov G. S.
The concept of an anonymous witness in Russian criminal law
Alkhimenko Yu. V.
On the question of the correlation of the concepts of electronic and digital evidence in the criminal process of the Russian Federation
Bibikova O. V.
The concept and meaning of enforcement of a sentence in terms of confiscation of property at the stage of preliminary investigation
Murtazaliev M. K., Datsieva H. G.
The court as a participant in criminal proceedings in the Russian Federation
Murtuzova Kh. M., Begova D. Ya.
Features of pre-trial proceedings in criminal cases against minors

Dolgushina L. V.
Explosives: classification approaches
Kornakova S. V., Kochetkova I. V., Osipova M. A.
On the issue of the content of the requirement for the independence of judges
Nazarkin E. V., Novikova L. V.
Features of the tactics of conducting an inspection of the scene during the investigation of illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in institutions providing isolation from society
Prourzina O. Yu.
The possibilities of using digital surveillance and control systems in the detection and investigation of crimes in railway transport
Stanovaya O. V. Chetverous A. N.
Forensic examination of license plates on the body and engines of cars
Tykheev M. S.
Features of initiating criminal cases of fraud committed using cellular (mobile) communications (telephone fraud)

Babanina D. V.
Problems of the development of the criminological theory of the causes and conditions of crime
Kabakova E. S.
Problems of cybercrime investigation on the example of Krasnoyarsk Krai
Milova I. E., Mikhaylin D. A.
On the issue of criminological characteristics of mediation in bribery
Muksinova A. F.
Drug crime in Russia: status and trends
Sagaydak A. Yu., Turunova M. N., Yuzikhanova E. G.
The system of combating juvenile delinquency caused by the influence of the Internet
Fantrov P. P., Dubrovina A. N.
Trends in the modernization of legislation in the context of the prevention of violent crimes committed in the domestic sphere
Abazekhova Z. I.
Criminological characteristics of the illegal organization and conduct of gambling

Jamborov A. A.
Some features of the use of training exercises when conducting fire training classes with employees of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation
Legostaev S. V.
On expanding the coordination function of the prosecutor’s office
Magarramov M. D., Magomedov M. A.
The role of the prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation in ensuring the security of the state and society: legal analysis of sources
Motorina I. S.
General trends in the development of conciliation institutions of the Russian Federation
Silantjev A. V., Grishchenko A. S., Yudin S. V.
Ensuring security and legal order: the experience and measures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
Tonyshev A. V., Udodov A. G.
Education of the culture of interethnic communication in the bodies of internal affairs
Khalilullin F. F., Zhabkin A. S., Karpov A. A., Merkazova V. A.
On the main directions of training police officers to act in special conditions
Kholopova T. V.
The role of internal affairs bodies in the system of legal relations arising in the field of preventive impact
Tsarkova E. G.
The use of machine learning in law enforcement agencies in crime forecasting: foreign experience

Ivanova I. A. Yakovlev N. M.
Prosecutoral supervision over the execution of legislation on air protection

Alexeev A. M., Cherneykin P. P., Berezovikov Е. V.
On the issue of application of security measures «personal protection, security of home and property»
Romanov A. A.
On improving the legal regulation of the use of weapons by employees of security units ensuring the safety of persons subject to state protection
Fedosov A. V., Valitova K. A., Valeev R. I., Nazmutdinov A. A.
Analysis of problems in the work of a labor protection specialist
Lyuev T. Kh.
Problems of international cooperation of States in countering terrorism

Bukhtoyarov I. I., Linevich Ya. V., Martynyuk S. N., Litvinenko A. A.
Teaching methods used in educational organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Zhabkin A. S., Starostin V. G., Melnik K. A., Roditeleva Ya. N.
The role of an integrated approach in shaping the readiness of future police officers for professional activity
Kiktev A. V. Chetverous A. N.
Digital transformation of education. Digital didactics, digital literacy and the formation of digital competencies
Kravchenko O. G., Kovalev T. V., Gusak V. V., Buzhskiy A. A.
The use of innovative technologies in conducting fire training classes at universities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
Kuznetsov A. V., Idrisov I. K., Boloban M. L., Leshchev A. I.
Pedagogical foundations of the use of innovative technologies in the educational process of the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Madzhuga A. G., Azhiev A. V.
The methodology of the value-competence approach in the context of military-patriotic education of students
Tsarkova E. G., Zorina N. S.
Moral and patriotic education of juvenile convicts serving sentences in educational colonies
Popova N. V., Zhelonkin V. V., Tatarnikov S. A.
Problems of studying legal disciplines in pedagogical university
Serkerov S. E., Marianov A. A., Kuhmazov N. K.
Some problems of combating corruption in the educational environment
Subbotin V. Ya.
The legal foundations of a healthy lifestyle for students
Frolova E. V.
The civic identity of students in the conditions of turbulent socio-political processes: the concept and ways of its formation in higher education
Egorova O. I., Fomina D. S., Gladilova E. A.
Teaching the basics of secular ethics in the modern educational process

Makhonin D. D., Scobileva I. V.
Peculiarities of the legal status of underage professional athletes

Anisimova V. A., Frolova S. V., Aguzarov A. V.
Problems of career guidance work with schoolchildren and youth and extracurricular activities as an effective factor in its formation (on the example of the Ryazan institute (branch) of the Moscow polytechnic university
Savitskaya Yu. P.
Socio-legal views of youth about the value of their own health
Shatskaya E. A.
Western and Eastern philosophical thought in modern Russia

Latypova E. R., Vorobjeva E. A., Steklyannikova R. A.
Development and application of intercultural communication in professional sphere

Grogulenko N. V., Grogulenko A. I., Fakhrislamova N. Yu., Davletbaeva A. R.
Increasing investment attractiveness by means of public relations
Mavsarova M. U., Ismailov N. O.
Capital and wealth
Olshanskaya M. V.
Place of development in the state policy of development of the construction industry
Nutsalova M. A., Sayapin A. V.
The labor factor in the strategic management of region
RadchenkoE. P., Vdovina A. N.
Management of the penitentiary system through public-private partnerships
Sadykova Kh. N., Bogdanova Yu. R.
Economic aspects of life activities of elderly people
Solovjeva I. A.
Commercialization of culture: characteristic features and reasons for development
Fadina Ya. S., Alyoshkin V. V., Matveevskaya A. S., Ermolina M. A.
Integration of the digital economy in the EAEU
Firsova O. N., Yelkina D. A.
Innovative activity and spatial development of the regions of the Russian Federation
Fokina O. G., Karyagina T. V.
The role of non-financial non-produced assets in the economic development of Russia
Kharcheva I. V., Firsova O. N.
Dynamics of employment indicators in small businesses in the subjects of the central federal district of the Russian Federation
Shaybakova E. R., Salakhov A. R.
Building an effective organizational structure as a condition for ensuring the economic security of the enterprise

Bairon A. A.
B. N. Chicherin and I. Kant on the problem of evidence of the existence of God
Dunaevskiy S. V.
Philosophy of human resource management: a humanistic approach
Kuzmenko A. A.
Philosophical understanding of the concept of life environment in the context of ergodesigner design
Makarchuk I. Yu., Gruzdev А. А.
A.D. Sakharov’s socio-political views
Odintsova E. A., Petrova E. I.
From consumer ideology to revival ideology
Pozdyaeva S. M.
Myth in an unstable society
Ravochkin N. N., Shepeleva S. A., Oleksenko E. M.
Sociocultural dynamics in the realities of digitalization: philosophical analysis (part 2)
Sobko R. V., Spirin V. K., Tretyakov I. S.
Is female priesthood believable in Russian traditional culture: reflections on the philosophical intuition of religious cult Frolova S. R.
Kharchenko D. O.
А special military operation in Ukraine as a way to combat the negative manifestation of superman
Farkhitdinova O. M.
Religious studies expertise: the processes of institutionalization, the formation of methodology and research directions in modern Russia
Shaykhutdinova I. I., Lukmanova R. A.
Development of student volunteer activity
Dikhtemirov M. S.
The Russian experience of socio-philosophical reflection on the phenomenon of migration (based on the materials of the RSL dissertation Fund)
Epifantseva A. E., Morozova A. A., Safonova A. Yu.
Philosophical paradigms and sociological analysis of conflicts in modern society
Ikhsanov A. U.
Ethnocultural identity in the context of globalization

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